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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the questions you might have about the methodology, how it works and whether it's a good fit for you. Please ask if you'd like to know more.

In conversation about how to apply these techniques, with examples from series such as F1: Drive to Survive, Natural History and many other styles and genres of TV programmes..

What's Different About This Method?

In essence I teach the ability to have an accurate and intuitive understanding of the structure of stories and the arguments they are making. With control over a story's structure, it becomes straightforward to control the meaning of the story and how you want it to impact your audience.

Is It Right For Me?

Firstly, I've worked on films and documentaries with companies and producers that have won Academy Awards, BAFTAs, Emmys and the rest. And I've taught first-timers the exact same methods I've used on those projects.

This is a process you can rely on. It's what I use, and all it takes is following essential steps while you develop your idea. It means you never have to feel unmoored, waiting for instinct to strike and having to go on hunches to get you where you want to be with your film.

How Quickly Can You Apply this Method?

Like any skill, it takes time and practice to acquire the techniques, but within a few hours of learning these methods, you will start seeing all stories in a new light. From then on it is about practising the techniques in as many ways as you can to refine your ability to understand and recognise the weakness in a story.

What about instinct & the edit 'process'?

When viewing an edit that isn’t working, and the production is worried (which is when I’m often called in) then it would be dangerous to rely solely on my innate talent as a writer and director to find the solutions to what is on the screens. That can be very elusive, and can be harder to find when the pressure is on.

Does it Work with Any Format or Genre

It does. My experience with these methods includes history and science documentary, feature documentary in music, art and history as well as sports, entertainment and natural history. There are blog posts (Jack of All Trades, Hard Science ) where I talk about how using these methods has opened me up to working on stories in any genre.

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